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There are some great suggestions here, I just wanted to add that many local sex toy shops and erotic boutiques also sell online (and may offer a wider selection online than in-store), and that can be a great way to support local businesses. 3. level 2. axle-ace. · 4y.

What’s the best website to buy sex toys from? : SexToys

If you want 'best' I'd say Shevibe because they only sell safe toys, but they're not always going to be the cheapest. level 2. ThrownAwaySkyGuy. 17 points · 5 months ago. SheVibe is good, but their selection - while considered mostly body-safe - still includes a decent amount of TPE toys, which are considered less safe.

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All sex toys can be used as couple's toys, splitting toys into solo and couple's is a misleading marketing gimmick. Or perhaps it's a way to protect the male ego — couple's toys category usually includes toys that can be used along with a penis, but not instead of it, preserving its position as the main pleasure-giving tool.

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Please, don't buy your sex toys from Amazon or Ebay!Your risk for counterfeit toys is high (not the brand they claim to be or worse not the material they claim to be), there's a risk for used sex toys, and the savings you think you'll be getting could be a big waste when the toy quits working after a month and you have no recourse.

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Sex Toys Canada. Love Dreamer. Stag Shop. Chez Priape. Venus Envy. Good For Her. Hush. Best Vibes. Out on the Street. Womyns’ Ware. A Little More Interesting. The Art of Loving. Honey Gifts. Little Sister's Book & Art Emporium. The Traveling Tickle Trunk. La Petite Mort. Bed Time Toys. Church of Sinvention

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For silicone makers, their toys should be fantasy-oriented. If this were a list of indie toy makers, it would become too sprawling and unwieldy to manage. "Borderline fantasy silicone" is for makers whose toys don't quite count as fantasy, but still have really cool shapes (e.g. SquarePeg) or colours (e.g. Funkit).

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This sub is for people to ask questions about male sex toys as well as sharing your experience using male sex toys. We can discuss the design and trend. We also need volunteers to review sex toys. Most toys shown in this community are for testing, now join us and you would get the direction. Countries available are USA, CA, DE and JP.

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Trusted sites to buy sex toys in India. I forgot to buy a birthday gift for a close friend but as she has been longing after a vibrator for a while now, I said her gift is en route as it wasn't available sooner.

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Standard shipping fees apply, starting at $8.50 and up depending on what you order and where you live. All items are shipped in packaging that doesn't look like it's from a sex toy retailer. As ...