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Cervix Penetration: What It Is And Why People Do It

Cervix penetration is a term that describes making contact with the cervix during sex. Either the penis touches the cervix, or a finger, dildo, or other sex toy is used to stimulate the cervix.

Cervix penetration: Facts and sexual health information

As a result, cervical stimulation cannot usually be achieved with just the fingers and requires penetration by the penis or a sex toy.

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When you're using a toy, especially for cervical stimulation, add some to the tip of the toy and rotate it (she suggests Astroglide's Toy 'N Joy for use with plastic, silicone, or glass toys ...

Cervix Penetration: 10 Things You Need to Know

A penis or dildo can slide into your vaginal canal, and with deep penetration it may brush up against your cervix. It can’t go through your cervix, though. Beyond this border is the cervical canal.

Cervix Massage and Cervical Orgasms - Why Are They All the ...

Using Sex Toys or Penetration . As your cervix is placed at the end of your vaginal canal, it can be tricky to reach. Several sex toys can help you with this, including dildos and yoni wands. You can try to swirl the toy around the rim of the cervix, but when using a toy, gently tapping the cervix or applying pressure may work better.

What is a cervical orgasm, and how do I have one safely ...

Use a long, strong, sex toy Cervical stimulation generally requires deep—like the deepest— penetration. So yes, you may need a larger (or at least longer) sex toy than what you typically opt for.