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We don't recommend buying jelly rubber sex toys or any other toxic sex toys. Sex toys should not touch in storage. For example, you should use ziplock bags, clean socks, satin pouches, or the toys’ original boxes if they’re stored in the same place.

How To Store Sex Toys: Ideas For Boxes, Bags, Shelves

Before I started writing about sex, I owned just a few sex toys, maybe four or five.They fit neatly in a small, cute box that I got on sale at Target. I stored this box on a shelf on my nightstand.

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How to store individual toys. You may want to get a pouch per toy so you can keep them separated from each other (for the materials reason above) or to keep the charger and cords with them so you don’t accidentally use a different toy’s charger for your favorite sex toy.

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Unless you're cool with inserting sex toys into your body that have been collecting weird drawer dust and lint, it's a good idea to invest in some sort of dedicated sex toy storage system.

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Keep Your Sex Toys Safe With These Inconspicuous Storage Options. You finally purchased that sex toy you've been dreaming about for months. Congrats, now where do you store it? If you live alone, you can keep it in the box under your bed and call it a day.

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A larger love box storage that locks away your sex toys Keep your adult toys off of display with a luxury love box. The Secret Box comes with an inconspicuous look and a coded padlock, so you can keep your secrets stored away.

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1- Never store your sex toys together. Sex toy materials, especially the less expensive materials, can react badly towards each other. So, it is best to keep it safe and not let any of your toys touch one another. 2-Most luxury sex toys come with their own storage bag. However, if yours does not, you can store them in socks or in something specifically designed for sex toy storage.

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Using latex barriers on these toys can protect them and you, especially if you share toys with other people. Storage. Sex toys are ideally stored in a cool, dry place (away from vents, windows, or radiators). Try to store you sex toys separately.

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Joyboxx Black - the world’s only hygienic sex toy storage system. Ventilation allows moisture to evaporate if you don't have time to clean or dry your toys right away. The antibacterial additive in the food-grade plastic helps prevent bacteria growth.