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The individualised décor in a practical guest bathroom copes well with the little space available. Linear bathroom furniture with plenty of storage space accommodates everyday accessories and makes for an orderly ambience. Light colours magnify the spatial effect, and a floor-level shower offers plenty of room to move around. Innovative taps and mixers add practical functionality to the bathroom.

Guest bathroom with individual design and noble taps.
Showerpipe 300 2jet with ShowerTablet Select 300

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Individualised décor in a small bathroom

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With their organic combination of form and function, the taps and mixers from the silicone anal plug Talis range add a sense of natural comfort to the practically furnished guest bathroom. The elegantly glazed shower in the vanishing point of the room is installed at floor level and invites you to relax and enjoy the water. With its overhead and hand shower, the slender Raindance Showerpipe offers a truly versatile shower experience. Design accents in chrome or white/chrome freshen up the bathroom in an individual way. Innovative technologies guarantee the efficient use of resources.
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